Welcome to Carriage House Ottawa

To provide professional & exceptional furniture restoration services while Inspiring Sustainability through the utilization of older furnishings creatively.

To live in a society that values sustainability,  where the impact of our consumer choices are made with awareness, and responsibly, resulting in long term rewards.


Carriage House
continues to take commissions for  Furniture Upholstery,  Antique Restorations  &  Furniture Repair.        We are also pleased to offer a beautiful selection of Drapery & Upholstery Fabrics.     Other services we offer include;   Custom Furniture Design,   Sourcing of Furniture,   and,   In House Design Consultations for Fabric, Furniture, and Decorating. 

NEW!  Now offering newly built Custom Soft Furnishings  (upholstered pieces), built with time honored construction and materials.    Choose the style,  size,  fabrics, and any finishing touches to make it yours.   We deliver trusted quality furniture that will last, and it is produced locally.

Ceres Creative
is the philosophy of  Sustainable Design & Responsible Consumerism  by ensuring that quality pieces that are outdated and in need of repair get a second chance for new life Integrating High Design without compromising Quality.   What many do not know, is that older out-dated furniture can be re-created and updated, so that it is new and timeless or contemporary,  rather than only restored to original.  You can read more about this on My Philosophy and Blog sections of this website.

“To engage in the art and profession of Furniture Restoration work, it must be done with a principle for quality and expert workmanship.  As an advocate for Heirloom Furniture, and Sustainable Design, this is paramount to ensure that refurbished pieces will continue to stand the test of time”  ~ Christina Masotti


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Re-Create – Redesign – Re-Cycle – Re-Upholster – Re-use -  Repair – Restore – Refinish – Reduce