Dear potential client, we look forward to seeing how we can be of service.

To connect:

Best for Our Planet, and to uphold the philosophy of Sustainable Living, Reducing our Environmental Footprint; The main means of obtaining Quotations from Carriage House is done by email and telephone conversation, with exceptions.

To obtain a quote, please email with attached photos. Please include your phone number and suggest a good time of day for us to call. We generally respond no longer than within 48 hours, and often the same day. We call in the evenings too if that is what you require.

With pictures and some details, a very accurate quote can be given to you via email. In this way, unneeded travel time and fuel is saved, less exhaust pollution is generated, and focus of our time, resources and energies are allotted towards the restoration services we provide. In the Ceres Creative Philosophy, this is the responsible way of doing business within this industry, whenever circumstances permit.

If you would prefer an in home estimate there is a flat rate fee of $85.00.   This fee will be credited to you if you choose to commission Carriage House to have the work completed.