Ceres Creative Philosophy

“We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, We borrow it from our Children” ~ Native Proverb

The Ceres Creative Philosophy is about Sustainable Design,  by being creative and responsible,  by taking the time and care to invest in older quality furniture,  and to know what it is that you are investing in when purchasing something new.   There are good investments to be made, both with older furniture and new, but good investments in newer furniture are no longer the norm and harder to find.   Unfortunately today we are seeing inferior quality built furnishings on the market, even when the price tag is high.   The majority of furniture being built today is manufactured to last an average of ten years.   This is a purposeful plan by the manufacturers and it even has a name.   It is called PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE.    Ceres Creative reminds us, that we the consumers need to value our purchasing power, and hold a mindset for sustainability.

Re-create, Recycle, Re-use, Redesign, Restore, Reduce, Reupholster, Refinish, Repair…. Furniture.

The beauty of this Philosophy, is not only are you Creating something unique and custom when you opt to restyle while refurbishing, but you are also consuming responsibly.   It is rewarding Re-Creating something that is well built but dated.    It is Rewarding, restoring a timeless gem that holds history, or a piece with sentiment.
Older Furnishings can be transformed!    The examples are countless.

Did you know that you can take a couch and turn it into two chairs?     or… Cut an armoire in half to rebuild into two new pieces? …. turn a dining table into a coffee table? This is only a glimmer at the endless potential we all have to utilize what already is,   in lieu of discarding and purchasing new.   If you choose a reliable and skilled tradesperson, it can be new again, even better  it will be uniquely yours, re- designed to suit your decor and style.

We have restyled kitchens that were very good quality when built in the 70′s or 80′s with great construction techniques and materials, but today, the wood stain, hardware, tiles, were not current.    Instead of gutting the kitchen, we refinished or professionally painted out the wood, changed hardware, the tiles, counters, even floors. Sometimes milling new crown or light valences.    We have capped islands for a frame and panel look,  and even built an island, co-ordinated the finishes to the ‘new’, old cupboards.   All that is needed is vision and to know whether the concepts are viable.     We can help!

This philosophy goes to restoring and repairing as well.   Some pieces are timeless in their beauty and only need restoration work.

Upholstered pieces are a passion at Carriage House.    The standard for older couches, prior to 1988, was to build with hardwood frames and time honoured joinery.   New fabric, changing the cushion style, removing the skirt, installing new legs, are simple options for transformation.    So much can be done in the re-upholstering process to update and customize.    BE SURE TO CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR SOME PRIME EXAMPLES!

Re-storing and re-creating is an excellent way to lower our environmental imprint.   When we restore we are not only reducing and reusing, but we are also keeping our business local.    Most of what is purchased new from big business is imported from other continents.   When we look at all the resources expended in every aspect of purchasing new, it just makes sense to investigate what else is possible.

These principles are not against the purchase of new furniture, only to know what you are buying and what you are throwing away.
When restoring or salvaging is not an option, consideration is required to know what your purchasing impact truly is.    Fundamental questions to ask; Where was it made? What is the construction and joinery methods utilized?  What are the core materials?   What type of finish was applied?   …. these answers will help you make a responsible purchase and a good monetary investment.

It is a different process to Re-create, Restore…… than going shopping for cookie cutter mass produced furniture.   Going the avenue of salvaging, can involve a little more time and faith, but what you end up with is something that you feel good about and love for it’s custom design, style, and quality. I have many repeat clients that have the bug and get more excited about this process each time.

Ceres Creative wishes to inspire others to see another avenue to sustainable living.    This is not just a Philosophy,  it is needed, and a worthy way of consuming.   It is our responsibility to leave resources for the next generations, is it not?