Carriage House Ottawa opened in 1998 realizing the demand for high quality furniture restorations in the Ottawa Gatineau Region.

Yes the owner is a woman, and a skilled and expert craftsperson.   Christina, after taking business classes at her local College at 20 years old, opted to take the Furniture Technician Program, a 2 year Cabinet-making program at Algonquin College, and graduated in the top 10% of her class.  After consulting with her professors, She chose an apprenticeship in Antique Restorations, as Furniture Repair and Restorations offered a broader learning environment for the design and construction of furniture.   It allowed her to work with numerous building methods, many different woods, periods and styles of furniture, to develop her sense of design and become an expert in many different finishing techniques, both commercial and artistic.    This all came naturally,  even in childhood she was interested in building, whether it be doll houses or with lego blocks.    By her teen years, she had developed a passion for art, design and decorating.  She now has extensive experience working with furniture and furniture design and development.

In her antique restoration apprenticeship, she was blessed to train and learn from highly skilled European Craftsmen. She has since developed her own niche within the Industry.    A love for design and the gift to see the fine lines under the old and dated,  she is well known for restyling almost anything of quality you might have overlooked.

Carriage House became widely known to the public through the Biannual Designer Garage Sales that would showcase Christina’s recreations of old worthy furniture, that were executed by her team.     These events raised money for a cause close to her heart; The Children’s Wish Foundation.     Other highlights in her career have been teaching.  She taught the continuing education class at Algonquin College for Furniture Finishing and has also has trained many others within the industry.   She is passionate to share her knowledge and inspire others.

Christina has also written articles for Ottawa at Home Magazine, in the ‘ask an expert section’, and has been showcased in other local media.
She is now pleased to introduce Ceres Creative to Carriage House, to bring forth her specialty in Furniture Design, and Re-Creating.    Ceres Creative is the philosophy and means to inspiring Sustainable Living in her unique way.   Bringing Beauty Sustainably….

Currently,  Christina is very excited to be building a protocol for proper training in this industry, to compensate for this industry not being recognized as a trade in Canada.   Not a trade means no post secondary training or schooling available.  In this rebuilding, she sees a revolution,  a way to effect positive change, to see a new generation of craftspeople emerge while offering them safer and healthier ways to work in this industry.