Furniture Repair & Antique Restorations

Carriage House offers complete Furniture Restorations. This includes Furniture of all ages, both antique and modern. We carefully choose procedures, products and repair techniques that will maintain or increase the value of your Furniture, always with Consideration and Respect for the Environmental effects.

Did you know that authentic antiques, those prior to 1880, require consideration in regards to the type of restoration work as well as products used, such as types of glue, cleaning agents, and recoating products

Most modern furniture or Industrially produced furniture, with few exceptions, maintain their value in their aesthetics and functionality. Meaning, that in contrast to what is commonly believed, most furniture built after 1900 is valued by it’s construction, materials, beauty and state of repair. It is OK to refinish and repair almost all furniture built after 1900 without depleting the value in any way. Refinishing and repair will only add value, longevity and beauty, if done professionally.


• complete re-gluing
• repair and replacement of inlays
• wood turning
• veneer replacement and repairs
• component replacement:
• missing leaves, drawers, legs, etc.
• wood carving
• modifications


• refinishing and new finishes
• restoration of old finishes
• French polishing
• custom finishing
• colour matching