Professional Training Services

This service is offered to Professional Refinishing Shops, Kitchen Manufacturing Business’, Cabinetmakers, and Antique Restoration Companies. 

For the most part this training takes place at your location allowing optimum value to develop within your means, space and equipment.

Consulting on avenues to upgrade or refine your workspace, procedures or equipment is also an option.

  One issue within the furniture restoration business, which includes the art of finishing, is, there are no formal training institutions for this trade.   This leaves companies with a small pool for hire and the task of teaching a skilled trade which is very time consuming and demanding on ones business.   We understand this all too well,  and have trained many others throughout the years.    This is not conducive to good flow.    Christina, the owner of Carriage House is an expert finisher who loves to share her knowledge, techniques and tricks of the trade.   A natural teacher, she has trained many in this industry, notably many women, as well has gone to other business’ and offered distinct training for their shops requirements.

Christina has also taught at Algonquin College in the continuing education program, the Furniture Refinishing Class.

  With her expertise, she offers to assess your current needs and develop a plan and schedule for training at your location.

  This could mean as little as Christina spending one afternoon for one-on-one training or building a comprehensive plan to train a group of your employees in a multitude of steps and techniques.   This service is customized to your needs.

Christina is willing to travel but expenses will be applied.

Training can include, but is not limited to:

   Striping techniques that will save you product and time; Furniture preparation; Sanding techniques; Repair basics;  Colour matching; Touch up techniques; Theory of finishes and finishing; Professional spraying techniques; How to work with different stains, glazes and finishes; Custom finishes and finishing techniques.