Re-Upholstery & Fabrics

Carriage House offers, Re-Upholstery Services,  New Custom Upholstery pieces, and many lines of Gorgeous Fabrics.
We have a passion for upholstered furniture, a keen eye for classic timeless design, and the knowledge and skills to expertly transform a dated piece with choice of fabric, and shape modifications.

We offer In home consultations for choosing fabrics, coming to your home equipped with many fabric choices based on your design and colour preferences.  We work with you to achieve the best result in regard your current furnishings and desired outcome.

New fabric alone offers a monumental change in an upholstered piece, but did you know that a frilly dated couch, can be transformed into a modern or even classic styled piece?   Cushion styles can be changed, skirts removed and new legs installed, and buttons added or removed.  The shape of the arms and other components can be modified.  Large sofas can be cut down to make two chairs or a loveseat.   A couch can even be turned into a sectional through custom built add-ons.

Older Upholstered pieces offer much value in the quality frame structure;  the joinery utilized in the construction, the spring systems, and the base materials.

Upholstered furniture built twenty years ago or beyond, even if not considered high quality at the time of manufacturing, was built well regardless, and far surpasses construction materials and building techniques of most newer upholstered pieces being sold today.

The endless possibilities, make reupholstering Creative and Custom with a great value.   There is also the environmental benefit of Reducing, Re-purposing and can be Up-cycling at its best.